Gregory Maxx Photography

Studio 201

Studio 201 has 3ooosf of shooting space custom designed for photographers and vodeographer with several unique shooting areas and dressing rooms. It is the premiere location for photography in the city. The new studio has large windows, lots of shooting space, roll paper and a completed cyc-wall. 

The environment if professional, clean, spacious and functional and will impress your clients
and offer you a creative community in which to grow your business. If professional growth and opportunity to learn from like minded photographers and increased sales interest, then Red Cedar is the place for you. 

The studio is perfect for events and parties we offer rentals on a case by case basis.

We offer the following renting options: 
Daily rentals: Hourly, Half-day & Full-day 
Monthly: Part-time & Full-time
Event rentals: Half-day or Full-day. (Private parties, birthdays, sweet 16, etc.)


Daily Photography or Video Rentals

Hourly - $100 an hour, 2 hour minimum

Half-Day - $400 a 4 hour studio time

Full-Day - $750 a 8 hour studio time

corporate rate - $150 an hour, 4 hour minimum

* All shoot times must be booked with minimum $75 deposit.

* There is a $50 additional fee for groups over 10 using the cyc-wall.

* Start times are based on scheduled time not arrival time

* Please include time to setup and breakdown within your rental time 

Full-time $500 per month

- 25 hours monthly, Full access to the studio, all shoots must be scheduled

- Receive your own key to the studio

- Access to the studio calendar

- Storage space for your lighting equipment

- Use of studio props and all shooting areas

- 6 month lease, First & last month rent required at start time

Make a deposit or payment


Use this button to make a payment. Once you click the "Buy Now" button, enter your payment amount then press "Update Totals". After the deposit is made, please send me a message indicating the date, start time and duration of your event so I can schedule you in. All payments are non-refundable 5 days before the event.

You can also use CASH APP to make your payment as well. My ID is: $gregorymaxx

Click here to send email or contact me.

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  Studio Directions



2. Please, print this page for your records details are subject to change without notice.

3. All deposits are non-refundable.

Answers to common questions:

1. Heating and air conditioning?
- Not yet install in the new studio (should be completed by November). 

2. Parking?
- Parking around the building. The studio is located in a warehouse in a residential area.

3. For monthly renters how many times per month are we allowed to use the studio?
- Full-time, 7 days a week and you get your own key
- Part-time, 8am to 10pm, 4 times a month.

4. Is there an Online calendar for booking shoots in the studio?
- Yes, we use Google calendar, all renters have calendar access.

5. Can monthly renters book the entire studio for a day or only sections?
- The studio can accommodate several photographers at one time without a problem. However, if you are doing something that requires full use of the studio, yes you can with studio management approval. There may be an additional fee.

6. Any storage space for equipment?
- Yes, limited storage for lighting equipment for monthly renters.